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The Importance Of Women's Health

As day to day chores and commitments continue to increasingly burden women, a lot of you are neglecting your mental and physical health. It's important to keep your body in tip top shape to prolong your life, and ensure you're living a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Doing regular check ups on yourself and visiting the doctor can significantly decrease the chance of having a serious health issue sneak up on you. Whether it's because of the lack of information available, or simply that women nowadays are too busy, many problems remain undetected or ignored until the point where they've evolved into a real concern. Having good, clear and concise information that is easily available to women is essential, which is why we're here.

Why Are Women Neglecting Their Health

Traditionally, the role of a wife or a mother is to take care of the family. In other words, they are putting their family needs above their own, meaning they'll be much more concerned about their children showing symptoms of something malicious rather than themselves. Everyone knows that being a stay at home mum is an incredibly taxing job, schedules are usually absolutely ram-packed with daily chores - taking children to and from school, and then taking care of them between school and bed time. With a schedule so full, it's hard to fit in a doctor's appointment.

Because of this difficulty in scheduling an appointment, mothers are much less inclined to have a check up, instead opting to go for the classic "I'm sure it's nothing", which can be a very dangerous assumption.

Even if you're not a mother and don't have a family to take care of, work commitments can be just as stressful. Why worry about a small ache somewhere in your body, when you need to worry about the big business presentation you're due to give tomorrow? Leaving things for later could allow small health problems to develop into real serious issues.

Making Sure You Follow Healthy Habits

The best form of defence against potentially life changing problems lies in preventative measures rather than treatment after diagnosis. This means that you need to make sure you're following healthy habits rather than bad ones such as smoking, drinking to excess and not exercising. Although not all people who live a healthy lifestyles can avoid certain health problems, but they can vastly reduce the risk of developing them.

Healthy Habits For Women

Quit Smoking

Smoking is fast becoming the leading cause of cancer and quitting smoking provides more benefits than just reducing the risk of cancer - a large group of diseases is believed to be caused by this bad habit. Use of tobacco can lead to problems with your respiratory system, your heart, your blood circulation and even fertility.

Quit Binge Drinking

Alcohol is another lifestyle habit that can cause a lot of problems. Whilst it's less addictive than cigarettes, it is also socially more acceptable, meaning the pressure to quit isn't as big. Especially among younger women, it can be difficult to not drink to excess when all their friends are.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to many different problems, including, but not limited to, liver, heart, brain and throat diseases.

Start Exercising

Now that we've listed a couple of habits that you don't want to get into, we'll talk about the number one healthy habit you develop. Exercising is one of the most effective ways of keeping you mentally and physically strong. On top of the commonly known benefits such as stronger muscles, more efficient respiratory system and better circulation, exercises also help to stimulate your brain to release endorphins, the natural feel good chemical signals. This means that you'll feel better about yourself, and mental issues like depression or anxiety are less likely to surface.

The thing that puts people off exercising the most, is the myth that you'll need to dedicate a lot of time everyday to the gym. This is not the case. Studies have shown that even mild to moderate exercise program will greatly impact your health. Instead of spending an hour at the gym everyday, you can consider just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or even cycle to work in the mornings. That way, you're saving time as well as money.

The 3 Areas Of Healthy Living

Any health specialist, or someone who works in the industry, will tell you that there are 3 main areas you need to work on to be in a healthy and happy state. The first is your physical health, which includes taking care of all your organs, systems, muscles and everything else associated with your body. The second is mental health, which consists of everything associated with your mind. The third area is your spirituality.

Physical Health

This is arguably the most important of the three, as being healthy physically usually acts as a catalyst for the other two. Physical health is the one that is most associated with most people's conception of health. Within your physical well being, there are generally two areas you can work on - your diet and your training program.

Eating well and exercising go hand in hand. Having poor habits in one of these two areas could easily undermine the other. Below we've listed a few things to work on to ensure your physical health is in the best possible condition.

1.) Most people neglect to stay hydrated throughout the day. By the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated, which means you should constantly remind yourself to drink enough water during the day. For most adults, you should aim to consume at least 2 litres, or 8 normal glasses of liquid in any one day. This helps you remove toxic substances from your body.

2.) Eating a healthy, balanced diet will allow you to get all the minerals and vitamins your body needs to function correctly. Having a deficiency could disturb the proper functioning of one of many systems and processes in your body. Cutting down on processed meats, and red meats, will also reduce the pressure on your liver, and reduce chance of developing a cancer. Fruits and vegetables are great as they are rich in minerals/vitamins, and also fibre to keep your digestive system running well.

3.) Exercising regularly is vital not just for the benefits listed above, in regards to your respiratory and cardiovascular system, but also in supporting your mental and spiritual health.

Mental Health

Having poor mental health can cause physical problems. It's common knowledge that someone who is stressed, depressed or psychologically unhealthy is more likely to develop diseases or illnesses. Having issues with your social well-being can be caused by a range of different reasons.


Some people are more prone to being depressed or anxious simply because that's the natural personality they were born with. Many illnesses of the mind run in the family. It may be that your brain is less responsive to certain chemicals that promote the "feel good" state.

Whilst this may make you more prone to suffering from illnesses such as depression, it does not have to be the case. You'll usually be able to counteract the hereditary issues by leading a healthy lifestyle.


Another reason for the chemical imbalance in the brain is if you've suffered a severe emotional trauma that has resulted in depression. This could include anything from a death of a close family member or a friend, to a bad accident resulting in a substantial lifestyle changes, such as an amputation, walking disability etc..

The strain of such a large change in your life can easily send you in a downward spiral, making you forget about all the good things, and forcing you to focus on all the negatives. People in this situation will usually think irrationally, and it can also bring up any other long term problems that have been stagnant until now.

Long Term

It could be that due to long term dissatisfaction or unhappiness with your current lifestyle, you are slowly falling deeper and deeper into emotional instability. Many people in unhealthy marriages or dead end jobs often find themselves stuck with nowhere to go. More often than not, people in these situations don't even know how much of a toll it's taking on them until they're relieved of it. These problems usually simmer under the surface for a long time, until one day they'll hit breaking point.

Oftentimes, you'll find that it is a mixture of these reasons that causes the problem. But exercising and eating well can re-balance the chemistry in your brain and help you overcome many, often very serious, problems.

Spiritual Health

Your spiritual health provides a sense of purpose to your life. While many turn to religion for this, it could also be fulfilled with simple beliefs or values that you are consistent with. Everybody has different ideas on why they're in this world, and it's important to find your own reason and be comfortable with it.

To be spiritually well, you simply need to have some time to relax, and think about yourself. What kind of person you want to be? And how well do you live by your own moral rules?

While many can go through life without even thinking about spirituality, those that do, will usually find that they've filled a big gap in their lives and they are more confident, and more comfortable with themselves.


As many as 84% of the worlds population (about 5.8 billion people) practice some kind of religion. Surveys have also shown that people who belive in something are generally much happier.


Meditation has been scientifically proven to help people relax, reduce stress and improve ability to focus. For many people, meditation is a period they use every day to wind down from the hardships and worries. It's important to schedule a little bit of "me" time to rewind and reflect. If you do not follow any religion, then meditation may be the easiest way for you to improve your spiritual wellness.

Significant Other Or Offspring

Another way to find purpose in your live is by meeting someone you can truly care about. Many women find purpose in their lives through a significant other or a child they can take care of.

Final Words

Being a healthy women doesn't need to be hard. A few simple lifestyle changes can help positively impact the way you feel and increase your lifespan. You may find that the only thing stopping you from changing is yourself, in which case, taking baby steps towards a healthier and happier life is the first thing you should do.

These baby steps will start making you bit happier and more motivated to further improve different aspects of your health, and it is with this cycle that you'll see yourself being more confident about your body, more comfortable with who you are and less likely to fall ill.

Humans are creatures of habit, so once you get in the flow of being healthy, it'll be much easier to stay healthy. The first hurdle is also the biggest hurdle, and making the decision to lead a better life may be the only thing holding you back.

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