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When it comes to dieting, a lot of programs out there are at best time consuming, and at worst outright ineffective for losing any weight. For the majority of women looking to lose weight, the diet plans available on the Internet are simply not designed well enough to have any significant impact on their weight, which in turn, reduces their motivation down to zero. Picking the right program is possibly the most important part of dieting effectively and efficiently, and while there is a whole load of crappy diet plans, there are also some real gems to help you lose weight. One such gem is "The 3 Week Diet".

The Three Week Diet Plan
As you can gather from the name of the plan, this is a no nonsense systematic and effective solution to weight issues suffered by millions of people around the world. It is the result of the authors' decades of dedication into the field of weight loss and dieting, as well as their review of 100s of different medical studies and majority of other products on the market.

All in all, this program is an incredibly well researched and thought out dieting plan, which is the main reason why it's not freely available on the Internet. Although free is always good, it can also waste a whole lot of your time and end up demolishing any motivation you had before for losing weight, so in this case, we'll definitely recommend that you at least consider paying few bucks for this proper diet plan written by health professionals.

The 3 week diet plan promises to work for all types of people, men and women, people in their 20s as well as in their 50s. We really like this approach because it's different than in case of most other diet plans. The age old cop out for dieting programs written by amateurs is that they only work for certain types of people, and if it doesn't work for you then it's because you're not compatible with it, rather than the program being ineffective. More often than not, the program only works for a low percentage of people.

The 3 Week Diet Review
We've written an in depth review of "The 3 Week Diet Program" to give you a good idea of the plan's overview, and hopefully help you make a better decision whether the plan is for you or not. We'll also inform you about what exactly you'll get if you decide to buy the program and we'll give you our personal opinion about the plan.

What Will You Get
The 3 Components

The 3 Week Diet system is actually broken up into 3 separate components, making it easier for the readers to digest all the information they're getting. There's no point in having all this quality information in a format that is hard to read or understand. This is where the 3 week diet plan beats it's closest competitors - everything is laid out in such a way, that reading the book cover to cover can actually be enjoyable.

There's nothing more de-motivating than a bland and boring, purely information based report, so this is definitely a plus for us.

All in all, the book is 96 pages long which is a lot of information to intake, but all of it will be vitally important to carry out the plan successfully. More importantly, we found that there wasn't much fluff to the book, so it's 96 pages of concise and condensed information, rather than useless words and filler content to fill up the pages.

The first component you'll come across is the actual dieting part of the book. This will detail out the 4 different phases of dieting you will go through and the average weight loss you can expect to achieve each week. This section is full of information, giving you all the knowledge required to actually carry out the dieting phase.

On top of the actual dieting plan, you will learn a whole range of skills that will come in handy later on down the road (mostly in the final phase).

You will learn:

How to calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
How to use your BMR to work out the amount of calories you should eat on a day to day basis
How to time your meals better to promote the fat burning state induced by increased metabolism
How to balance your hormones for extra fat burning
Information on supplements that you might consider taking in order to speed the process along
These are essential skills when it comes to the end of the 3 week diet, and you're looking at facing the weight loss world by yourself. Depending on your weight loss goals, it may be that 3 weeks is enough for you to achieve the weight bracket that you want. Whether you're successful after 3 weeks or not, this information will help you to either maintain the weight that you're currently at, or keep going to reduce your weight by even more.


This is the second component to the weight loss plan. No fitness book would be complete without both dieting and exercising, as these two things compliment each other. If you're only doing one and not the other, you'll find that the effects will be minimal, if any at all. There's no point doing exercise when you're not regulating what foods you put into your body, and at the same time, there's no point controlling the amount of calories going into your body, if you don't regulate and maximise the number of calories you use during the day.

The focus of the exercises detailed in the book is on reducing the time spent working out, but, at the same time, making sure the intensity is high. For people with a busy schedule, this is absolutely perfect. Not everyone can spend an hour or two everyday doing exercise, but most people will be able to afford 20 to 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week, which is what this program consists of.

Willpower, Motivation and Mindset

The last section in the book focuses on the motivational side of things. By far the biggest reason for failed dieting attempts is because people find it difficult to follow the plans. This may be a problem with the plan itself, maybe it's not motivational enough, or the plan simply takes too much effort for the average Joe to complete.

We like that there's a whole section dedicated to the topic. This whole part is about keeping you motivated throughout the whole course, reducing the chance that you'll give up half way through and not achieving the results you desire. Not only is this part useful and informative, it's actually incredibly interesting and a good read. Even if you think your motivation to lose weight is high right now, 2 weeks down the line, you may be faced with a hurdle of cravings or laziness that you didn't plan for. We recommend that you definitely read this section regardless. Motivation is as much part of the plan as the other two sections, and can be the difference between you succeeding and failing.

Why 3 Week Diet?
3 weeks seems like an incredibly short time for a diet plan. If you've been in the market before, you'll know that the majority of plans out there takes at least a month or two to complete. The justification for building a plan that's only 3 weeks long is solely down to three well thought out reasons:

Long Diets Usually Fail
This is rarely a factor that people consider, but an ineffective and long dieting process is much more likely to fail, simply because the rate of weight loss is not motivational enough for the dieters to carry on. If you have to spend 3 or 4 months working on a diet plan, changing up your lifestyle significantly for only a pound or two of reduced weight per week, then you'll start to doubt the efficiency of the plan, and once there's doubt creeping into your mind, you're more likely to stop carrying out the plan in search for a better one.

The 3 week diet is intended to give you results straight off the bat. After the first week, you should start seeing significant results in the way you look, and the number your scales show.

10 - 20 Pounds Excess Fat
Research done by the author of the book shows that the majority of overweight people looking to follow a diet have, on average, 10 - 20 pounds of excess fat. What the book has done, is looked at the amount of extra weight, which is the average goal for most dieters, and found the most efficient and effective way of getting rid of it. The 3 Week Diet Plan is specifically designed to reduce that body fat to a healthy level.

Of course, you may need to burn more or less fat compared to the average - if you've reached your goal half way through the second week then you're free to stop, and if you find that you haven't quite reached your goal at the end of the third week, then this program gives you all information you need to keep the diet going and maintain your achieved weight.

Creatures Of Habit
I'm sure you've heard that saying before - humans are creatures of habit. As it happens, research has shown that it takes roughly 21 days for a healthy and new habit to stick. Essentially what you're doing when following this program is learning a new habit of healthy living, eating and exercising.

This means that as soon as you finish this program, the habit should have stuck and you'll find it much easier to carry on living the way you've been living for the past 3 weeks. 21 days really isn't a very long time when you come to think about it, this makes it much more easy for you to get started with the plan, lowering that barrier to entry and helping you on your first stages of weight loss.

Pros And Cons
The Pros

A very well designed program from start to finish, with all the information and guidance you need to successfully lose weight.
A good structure to the book, with individual sections for dieting, exercising and motivation.
You finish the program with all the information needed to successfully maintain or increase your weight loss.
The short 3 week course actually encourages successful weight loss more than one that is 1 - 2 months.
The Cons
96 pages in comparison to a lot of similar products is long. However, the information is concise, and we found that there wasn't much fluff to the content.

Our Verdict
In conclusion, our honest opinion is that "The 3 Week Diet" is a well thought out, quality dieting course, worth buying especially if you're new to dieting. The copious amounts of information is structured in a nice, standardized way to encourage ease of reading and make the whole learning process run much more smoothly.
Our initial doubt was that 3 weeks is far too short time to successfully change your lifestyle habits, but the book includes enough information and "aftercare" to give you the weapons required to tackle the whole weight loss thing yourself after the 3 weeks are up.
One thing we particularly like is the emphasis on motivation, helping you cope with the lifestyle changes suggested by the diet plan that are both healthy, and induce rapid weight loss for people needing to lose 10 or 20 pounds of excess fat.
We'd definitely recommend giving this program a go. For a limited time only, "The 3 Week Diet" is down from $97 to just a $47 one off fee. Considering the time and effort put into building this whole diet plan, we think it's an absolute steal. With a 60 day 100% money back guarantee too, it is literally a risk free purchase.

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