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21 day tummy

One area where a lot of women want to focus on when they first sign up to the gym or start working out is the tummy. Having a flat tummy is much more desirable than having a belly, and can shape your entire image. A bit of fat on the stomach can make you appear much rounder than you actually are. When trying to reduce the size of your belly, it pretty much all comes down to the foods you eat. Not only will eating a more balanced diet keep your stomach flat, but it will also make your digestive system healthier and less prone to problems.

Keeping track of what you eat and what days you eat it can be a difficult task. Most dieters will benefit massively from a ready made plan that is proven to work and provides healthy recipes already. There's no point starting from scratch when there are plenty of programs out there already which have been tried and tested by hundreds of people, and designed by professionals who have helped plenty of people solve the exact same problem that you're facing right now.

21 Day Tummy Book
This is where the book 21 Day Tummy by Vaccariello comes in. In comparison to other weight loss and dieting books out there, this one actually gives you a plan which tackles problems with your digestive system as well as helps you flatten your stomach. Following the meal plans suggested in this book will effectively enable you to hit two birds with one stone, helping you live a healthier lifestyle through your diet as well as lose weight on your stomach.

Where the book shines is in it's detailed explanation of your digestive metabolism. It tells you why eating less can be good, but eating the right things at the right time is much better. By keeping your digestive system running all through the day, you can keep the vital organs, such as your intestines, bowels and stomach, healthy and running smoothly, and at the same time, passively burn away even more calories from simply digesting food.

A poor diet can cause a wide range of diseases such as acid re flux, heart burn, diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome. These are all relatively common disorders that can be cured, or at least improved by following the advice and information found in this book.

The Pros

The recipes available in the 21 day tummy cook book are not only healthy, but also incredibly tasty. One of the hardest parts of dieting and eating healthier is giving up on tasty foods. With this recipe book, you'll be able to have good tasting food with the knowledge that you're helping your body rather than harming it.
Vaccariello explains everything in details, but in such a way that even someone without a basic knowledge of biology and anatomy will understand easily.
The program is methodical, giving you a step by step guide as to what to cook and eat on each day. Some flexibility is granted with the plan, and you're free to change some small aspects of the recipe to suit your tastes or to accommodate your allergies.
The entire book is very motivating, with plenty of real life success stories, testimonies and interviews to keep you feeling good about the dieting.
It put's everything on a plate for you (no pun intended) - for example, there is a week by week shopping list and all the meals you will be eating during those 21 days are clearly planned out for you.
The Cons

Not all the recipes in the cook book feature pictures, which can make the process a bit harder, not knowing what the finished dish should look like.
21 days is simply too short for a full lifestyle change to happen. 3 weeks can be the starting point of a healthier diet, but unless you keep it up after the program has finished, you will slip right back to the eating routine you were at before.
There is a lot of information in the book, and you do need to spend a bit of time to grasp the science and the ideas behind the diet plan. Although if you're not too bothered about understanding the program, then you can always just skip all the explanations and descriptions and follow the plan straight away.
The ingredients needed week to week could be a bit more expensive than your current shopping list, however this is totally understandable considering the price of fresh fruits and vegetables compared to a mass produced frozen pizza.
Our Verdict
21 Day Tummy diet really helps you break down a subject that is rather complex into something that is easily digestible. It isn't without faults, with some recipes missing pictures, and the whole concept of changing your eating in habits in 21 days questionable, but what it does offer is a very specific guide as to how you can use healthy dieting to control both the size of your stomach, and to reduce the effects of problems arising from your digestive system.

There's no getting away from the fact that buying healthy ingredients, and cooking them yourself is more time consuming and less cost effective than buying a frozen pizza, however this is a negative of healthy living rather than this program in particular. No one said that living healthily was cheap, but it is the way forward if you want to live longer, feel more energetic and be happier. Cutting out the bad foods in your diet will be the best lifestyle choice you ever make, and we're absolutely sure that your body will thank you for it.

If you're trying to flatten your stomach, or get rid of any underlying digestive problems you might be suffering from, then we 100% recommend this program. As long as you're prepared to put the work into learning the concepts, and the time into cooking the recipes you'll be well on your way to living a longer, happier and healthier life.

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