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One of the best ways to get prepared for the conception or the arrival of your baby is to read as much as you can about it. Choosing the right books to read during this period of your life can be difficult, and it's a fine line between a book that is informative and a book that scares the soon-to-be mothers. There is now a huge and intimidating choice of books available at your nearest book retailer, which makes picking the right ones an extremely difficult task.

A big issue amongst child bearing mothers is depression, whether it comes on during pregnancy or post natal, it's a very real and powerful problem that can be induced from simply reading the wrong book. Here we've put together a list of 6 wildly different books that will not only prepare you for child birth, but also make sure that you stay happy and positive.

Ina May's Guide To Childbirth
Ina May Gaskin is one of the most experienced mid-wife's of our time, with over 30 years of experience in the field. In this book, she gives you a an insight into her experiences of helping pregnant women deliver babies, and also gives you the bigger picture for those of you who are getting slightly anxious about carrying a child.

This book really helps empower you with the confidence that you will deliver a healthy child just the same as the billions of women that did it before you. Positivity is the name of the game here, and reading this book should help you feel much better about the whole process of giving birth.

Mayo Clinic's Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy
If information is what you want and that's all you want, it doesn't come much more accurate than this book. If you're used to searching around online for information regarding your health, than there's a huge chance that you've already stumbled upon the copious amounts of information found on the Mayo Clinic site. This book is a comprehensive guide to pregnancy and will give you all the little details and all the little facts that would help you understand pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sucks
A refreshing book and an even more refreshing title. Joanne Kimes has really nailed it with this book, noticing the ongoing theme in the majority of other books that describes the whole pregnancy process as wonderful and positive.

In reality, there are some parts during your pregnancy that simply suck. Being sick every morning and feeling tired every minute of every day may be a necessary part of having a baby, but that doesn't mean you should feel embarrassed about venting your frustration about it. This book gives you the humorous side of it, and reminds you that you're not alone when it comes to facing these annoyances during pregnancy.

The Vaccine Book
The topic of vaccination often causes a lot of arguments between even the best of pregnant friends. Maybe you're on the side of the scale in favor of vaccinating against anything and everything. Maybe you're on the other side in favor of being natural and not vaccinating at all. Regardless of your personal opinion and beliefs, it's still beneficial to keep yourself well informed in regards to the pros and cons of both sides.

"The Vaccine Book" gives you a no nonsense, fact based read with everything you need to know about each vaccine. It includes the ingredients, the benefits and the concerns of each one, and on top of that, you get the author's own personal opinion on them.

Let's Panic About Babies
If you're done with all the information that's thrown your way when you become pregnant, and feel relatively well informed about the whole process, then maybe it's time to relax a bit and read a book that you might genuinely enjoy (that's still about babies).

"Let's Panic About Babies" is definitely not an informative book, but it is funny, and is a refreshing change to the boring books you usually read about pregnancy.

The Happiest Baby On The Block
While this book is aimed at new parents, we thought we'd chuck it in as you're more likely to have time to read books before rather than after giving birth. Child birth, on its own, is difficult, but the first few weeks or months of having a child can be the busiest.

This is a great book to read if you would like to know things like why your baby is crying and what to do to make the baby (and indirectly, yourself) stop crying. "The Happiest Baby On The Block" will give you a head start as a parent and will help you to tackle the first few hurdles you'll experience after giving birth.

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