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For the majority of women, the aim of working out is to lose weight, stay healthy and tone up. Whilst some of you may be looking to actually build muscle mass, many will be happy simply by cutting down a few inches on their waist or burning those extra pounds on the belly. Luckily for you, it's not necessary to lift heavy weights, or do complicated exercises - you can achieve what you want simply by doing at home cardio workouts for women suggested by us.

Cardio workouts as the name suggests work your entire cardio vascular system. This includes all the organs involved with getting oxygen out of the air and into your muscles. Having a stronger and healthier cardio vascular system will help reduce the likelihood of developing a range of heart and lung problems. It will also mean you'll be able to do more strenuous exercises without working as hard as you do now. After a while, you'll notice that your lungs are able to extract more air with each breath, and your heart will be able to push through more blood with each pump.

Benefits Of Cardiovascular Exercise
Almost No Cost (Usually Free)
Although it's true that you can fork out for a gym membership, that will give you access to a huge range of machines that help work different muscle groups and where you can change the difficulty settings at the click of a button. You can also choose to go for the free alternatives and decide to take a run outside in the fresh air, or go swimming. All you need to start off is a good pair of running shoes, some shorts and a tank top. A lot of runners actually struggle with running on the treadmill simply because it's a boring environment in which to work out in. Running through the park, or through your neighborhood makes everything more interesting, the constant change in scenery can keep you from getting bored and feeling like it's a chore you have to get through.

A Pure Fat Burning Exercise
Compared to most other types of workouts such as weight lifting, cardiovascular exercises are perfect for burning fat. If done at the right intensity, they put your body in a fat burning state that is more efficient at burning calories than if you spent the same time lifting weights. Not only can you burn hundreds of calories in a one hour session, but it also elevates your metabolism for a long time after, meaning your body will continue to burn more fat even when you're not doing anything.

It Works Your Cardiovascular System
This might sound like an obvious one, but a lot of people underestimate the power of a strong cardiovascular system. This system is responsible for delivering air and nutrients to all the organs, muscles, brain and many other tissues in your body. This is an absolutely vital process for living, and having a strong system means you'll be healthier and feel better. By having a more efficient system for getting oxygen to your muscles you'll be able to exercise for longer and not get exhausted straight away. A wide range of heart disorders can be avoided simply by doing frequent cardio vascular exercises.

Cardio Workouts For Women At Home
A lot of you are reluctant to shell out the monthly costs associated with a gym membership, and instead want to try a few cheaper exercises that can be done at home. We've prepared a short list of activities you can do to keep those calories at bay.

As we mentioned above, running is a great cardiovascular exercise and is suitable for everyone. Depending on the amount you're happy to spend, you might want to get a treadmill so that you can run in your own home and work out at your own pace. A treadmill gives you more control as to how long you want to run for, and also comes with all the important and useful information such as how many calories you've burnt, average speed and incline.

If you don't think a treadmill is for you at the moment, but still want to start running, you should go down to your local sports store and invest in a good quality pair of running shoes. Go on the internet and search for a local running route that is suitable for you (look at the length and how hilly the route is), grab a bottle of water and head out.

Yoga is growing more and more popular amongst women looking to keep fit and lose weight. It's not just the effectiveness of the exercise that is attracting people to practicing yoga, but also the ease in which it can be done. Not only is it one of the cheapest forms of cardio you can do, but it can also be done safely and easily in the comfort of your own home.

When looking to do yoga for cardio you need to make sure you're doing a type of yoga that exercises you aerobically. Aerobic exercise means you are in a fat burning state. Faster paced yoga programmes such as Ashtanga are perfect if you want to do a bit of cardio work, but other types of yoga may be less effective for weight loss.

If you want something a bit more intense, so that you can see results a bit quicker, you can follow a plyometrics programme which is also known as jump training. Not only does this help you lose those extra pounds, but it also helps you develop your muscles so you can perform better with other exercises.

Plyometrics is basically a jumping workout, meaning you wouldn't necessarily need anything to work out. Some exercises may require a jumping block but you can definitely get started without. Although jumping might sound simple and easy, after 10-20 minutes, you should start feeling your cardiovascular system working.

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