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Although Chinese medicine might not be to everybody's taste, it includes some of the oldest, and most tried and tested forms of treatment known to mankind. This type of medication has been first used as far as 2000 years ago, and while it isn't the most proven type of medicine in scientific terms, for many people it continues to be the best option. For the western civilisation, Chinese medicine is fast becoming more and more popular as a complimentary form of treatment along with other alternative approaches. Doctors have started prescribing or encouraging patients to try out methods such as acupuncture and medicinal massages as a less intrusive alternative to drugs.

Do Chinese Fertility Herbs Work?
Among a whole load of other things, one area where many men and women have found success in use of Chinese medicine is the treatment of infertility. Although scientific studies remain inconclusive, clinical studies done in China show that as much as 70% of all cases of fertility issues have been resolved using just simple mixtures of herbs.

There is a general consensus that traditional Chinese medicine works well, however, many of the "trained" practitioners available in the United States of America, and other parts of the western world, are much less competent when compared to those practicing in China. The competence of a Chinese herb healers lays in their ability to diagnose the problem accurately and treat that very specific problem with a herbal solution. The practice is incredibly difficult and complex, and a less experienced Chinese doctor can easily get certain symptoms mixed up and come up with a wrong diagnosis.

Generally, if the medicine does work, you should achieve restored fertility within a few months, however, if after roughly nine months, you still haven't seen any progress then it's safe to say that the medicine has not, and will not, work for you. In this case, you may want to opt for another formula, or try other methods for treating infertility.

Are Chinese Fertility Herbs Safe?
The mass majority of herbs used in Chinese medicine carry little to no toxicity, meaning you should generally be safe when using them even if they are ineffective. American government has enforced much more stringent rules in regards to the levels of toxicity substances in herbs and therefore the negative consequences of their usage are minimal at best. Maybe a temporary health problem such as a mild headache or upset stomach if the herbs don't agree with you. In any case, simply stopping the use of the herbs should stop any problems you've been having within a day or two.

Which Herbs Will Treat Infertility?
The specific herb or herbs used for treatment will largely depend on the nature of your infertility. There are as many as 160 different herbs used to treat any fertility problems you might be having, but only a handful would be used to form a solution to tackle your specific problem.

Most of these ingredients will be herbal, however there might be some more exotic ingredients used if needed, such as dried sea horse. In any case, the only way to know what ingredients you'll need, and how to go about cooking the medicine, is to go to the practitioner, get diagnosed and he or she will suggest the treatment you should receive.

Fertility Treatment With Chinese Herbs
There are 3 basic categories of infertility as understood by modern day Chinese medics. These are categories used complimentary to western medicinal diagnosis to determine the nature of the problem.

Unexplainable Infertility
This is usually where most couples looking at traditional Chinese medicine to cure infertility are placed. Maybe they've been trying to have a baby for longer than a year and have still been unable to conceive. Having done a range of fertility tests by western doctors, they are still to find where the problem lies.

Infertility After Having Conceived Before
This category suggests that the couple isn't infertile as such, but that something between the first baby being conceived and now has changed in one or both of the parties involved, hindering the chance of conception.

This problem more often affects the woman in the relationship as childbirth or a miscarriage can both have huge impacts on their bodies. It could have caused a misalignment of their body that needs to be addressed before they can increase their chances of conception.

Diagnosed Infertility
The last category is one in which western diagnosis have determined that contraception between the two partners is near impossible. This may be caused by a low quality of sperm cells from the man, or blocked fallopian tubes for the woman.

In this case, Chinese herbs can be used as an alternative treatment that is non-intrusive and generally much cheaper than surgery.

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