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Even if you're not aiming for the full blown 6 pack, it's still worth setting aside 15 or 20 minutes every workout to work on your core muscles. There are a lot of benefits of having healthy and strong muscles down your back and at your abdominals, as these are the muscles that are used when doing most of the everyday tasks. Aside from this, a strong core will also help you perform better when exercising other areas of the body. If slimming down your waist is of top priority for you, then working on your core muscles can also tighten up your mid section, and subsequently reduce your waist size.

Best Core Exercises For Women At Home
There are many ways to work on your core muscles, but a lot of people neglect them thinking that they get a workout during other exercises. Focusing on strengthening your core is absolutely essential because if your core is weak, it can stop you from performing other exercises to your full potential, and could also increase the chance of an injury.

No More Crunches
The most popular, tried and tested exercise for strengthening your core muscles are undoubtedly crunches. Whilst crunches are great for working both your abs and your back, it can quickly become tedious and boring. Motivation is half the battle when it comes to reducing your waist size, which is why it's a good idea to mix up the exercises you're doing and keep it fresh.

Core Exercises For Women At Home
Have a quick look at these exercises, and see if you can incorporate them in your abs workout plan. We've selected exercises that will help you target the majority of your core muscles areas.

The Side Balance Crunch
This one's great for focusing on the side of your core, including the obliques that give you the nice V shaped waist that many people would like to have. To do this exercise, simple put one knee and the hand from the same side on the floor. Straighten out your other leg and stretch the other arm all the way up. One repetition is bringing your arm and leg not touching the floor in towards your torso.

Do 10 repetitions of this and then change from one side to the other.

The Sliding Pike
This one needs to be done on a floor surface where your feet can slide back and forth with little friction (so no carpets). To do this exercise, start off in the starting position for a push up with your arms straightened out. Next, raise your hips and pull your legs towards your body to form an upside down V with your body. Make sure your knees aren't bent for the duration of the slide. Once you've made the V shape, hold and then slide back down into the starting position.

The Knee Fold Tuck
With a soft, medium sized ball between your knees, sit down on the floor with a straight back and bent knees. One repetition consists of simultaneously lifting your feet up and off the ground, and stretching your arms forwards. Try and repeat this action about 20 times.

The first few times you do these exercises, you might find it difficult to complete the set, if you need to take breaks in between, then take them but always try to squeeze out another rep or two before that. You'll find that after a while, the exercises will become a lot easier to complete, if you don't feel worked hard enough later on, you can either add weights and dumbbells to the exercises, or simply do more and more repetitions for every set.

Core Workouts For Women
Core muscles are responsible for giving you the stability and balance that are very important both to your sport performance as well as everyday life. It's important that you don't forget to work on your core muscles as they are used in nearly all exercises, meaning they could limit your performance and result in much slower progress.

Strong abdominal and back muscles will help prevent injury to those areas in the long term. And this means you'll be able to do more intensive workouts without the risk of something bad happening. Tightening up core areas will also keep your waistline small, and if you're looking to do spot reduction of that area, then working on core muscles can help reduce the waist by a notch or two.

By doing these core exercises, you can also raise your metabolism so your body burns a higher amount of calories even when you're not doing anything. Burning more calories than you consume will allow you to lose weight, so if this is your goal, then building your core muscles is a great way to achieve it.

As with all other workouts, you need to perform the actions with good form to maximise the potential gains, and to avoid injuring yourself.

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