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When it comes to choosing an easy diet to follow, the most important thing is picking an eating plan that best fits your personality. It could well be that a diet well suited for one of your friends is totally incompatible with your current eating patterns and habits. The trick is to find a program that is most similar to how you currently eat, albeit with some changes that you know you can live with. Finding one easy diet among many easy diets available is crucial if you're looking to lose weight and stay at that weight range in the long run rather than just for a short period. In fact, the majority of people that fail to diet effectively, fail simply because they started with the wrong diet, so right from the start they were facing an uphill battle.

Fad diets in particular are difficult to maintain, These programs will probably see you lose weight at a very quick pace, but there's is little to no chance of not putting it back on in the coming months. Losing those few extra pounds permanently requires you to change your lifestyle rather than just eating better for a short period.

Easy To Follow Diet Plan
We've compiled a list of the easiest diet plans to follow, with any luck, this should set you well on the way to a healthier, slimmer you.

The Flexitarian Diet
What if you could get most of the benefits of having a vegetarian diet without needing to cut out every little bit of meat from your meals? Here I introduce to you the flexitarian diet, which is pretty much a vegetarian diet with the option to occasionally splurge out on the meats you crave. For many, this is a much more appealing prospect, and arguably a healthier one.

Simply put, rather than imposing strict eating rules, the flexitarian diet gives you the flexibility to adapt your current diet to fit in with the much healthier one. You can choose how much, or how little meat you eat in any given week. Whilst meat in abundance is commonly recognised as detrimental to health, in moderation, it actually gives you the required minerals and fats needed to reduce a range of potential health problems.

Weight Watchers Diet
One of the more popular and well known programs is the weight watchers diet. Whilst it limits the quantity of certain types of foods you can eat, it does give you free reign in terms of what you eat. For those of you who are finding it difficult to entirely cut out certain types of foods, this gives you the option to keep it in your diet, but in measured portions.

Not only is the weight watchers diet easy to follow, it is also one of the more effective ones, promoting the likelihood of permanently losing weight. The points system gives you the ability to eat whatever you like given that you eat less of something else. The tally system may be a bit cumbersome at first, but when you get used to it, you'll find out just how easy and effective it is.

The Mediterranean Diet
As the name suggests, this diet tries to mimic the healthy eating habits of people living around the Mediterranean sea. Although these dishes are usually seen as unhealthy, rich and in large portions, they are actually incredibly healthy, with the dieters boasting a much reduced risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's and even cancer.

This program reduces the need to count calories or points, instead, you work on getting as much diversity of natural colours and flavours into your meals. By doing this, you'll be getting all the minerals and vitamins you need from the vegetables and meats, and at the same time, the meals should be able to keep you fuller for longer.

Will These Easy Weight Loss Plans Make Dieting Easy?
The short answer is no. Following any diet will be difficult, and there's no plan that will negate the need for hard work and perseverance. Whether you succeed or fail mostly depends on your willpower. With that said, choosing any one of the easy diets to follow won't make losing weight easy, but it will make it a whole lot easier. Depending on the problems you've had with previous plans, you might realise that a diet that doesn't limit the types of foods consumed is much more suited to you, or one that doesn't limit the amount of foods is best for you. Either way, we suggest you test out one of the plans and see how it works for you.

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