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The topic of using home remedies to lose weight is full of subjective opinions. Some claim that it is a great way to supplement a good diet and exercise plan, but others argue that the home remedies are useless and the effectiveness of them is close to zero. While there is validity in both arguments, at the end of the day, the majority of home remedies claims aren't backed up by science, and therefore may even carry potential health risks. Either way, before trying anything new that could drastically change your lifestyle, please consult your doctor and make sure that it is safe for you to use.

Chromium Picolinate
Chromium works in conjunction with insulin to enhance its effectiveness. Insulin is one of the key hormones linked to metabolism, and helps build up, break down and change the energy you put into your body. Supplementing insulin theoretically should help increase your body's metabolism, boost the building of muscle mass and lower your appetite for food.

While some people claim to have had success with this kind of supplement, the natural medicine's comprehensive database claims that there is no fat loss benefit from supplementing chromium picolinate, with patients seeing little to no benefit at all from its usage.

On the other hand, there are suggested side effects associated with chromium, with some people developing vital organ problems such as issues with liver or with kidneys.

This particular home remedy comes from the Konjac plant. It supposedly helps people lose weight by reducing your body's ability to absorb the calories and fat from your food after you have eaten it.

Once again, there isn't quite enough evidence to support the validity of those claims, but there is some evidence to support further studies into it. Glucomannan is usually taken in tablet form, and while it isn't scientifically proven, there are many people that use it and stand by their claims of successfully losing weight with it.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea is often termed as the miracle drink with countless benefits to your health. People often take the green tea extract for weight loss simply because it's easier than drinking mass amounts of green tea.

Drinking green tea, or taking green tea extract helps boost your metabolism, meaning your body will naturally burn more calories throughout the day. On top of this, green tea extract also has possible cancer fighting benefits, and recent early studies into the substance suggests that people who frequently drink a cup or two of green tea a day are less likely to get some forms of cancer.

Bitter Orange
Most stimulants are generally good for weight loss because they get your blood flowing, pushing your heart to pump harder and faster. By making your organs work harder, you're forcing your body to use up excess energy to maintain your body's natural state.

Bitter orange contains a compound called Synephrine which happens to be a stimulant. At the time of writing this article, studies of the drug have remained inconclusive, however it is a close cousin of a stimulant named ephedrine which was determined to be successful at burning extra calories, albeit with a range of side effects.

Among the drugs that we have listed out, the one with most evidence supporting it's effectiveness is 7 Keto-DHEA. Studies have been done that show that candidates using the drug alongside exercise and dieting lost a lot more weight than those using a dummy drug acting as the placebo.

On top of this, researchers have not found a single significant side effect to the drug when used for less than a month.

Dieting And Exercising
One of the best ways to lose weight is simply to diet and exercise at home. No drug based home remedy will change you from fat to skinny permanently, but some simple lifestyle changes can drastically improve your chances of losing weight in the long term.

Supplements should be taken exactly as the name suggests, as a supplement to your meals plan and your exercise regimes. You cannot rely on them alone to lose weight, because using any drug or compound to excess will inevitably cause drastic changes in your body, and these are usually negative ones.

Dieting and exercising at the end of the day are the most natural home remedy available to humans, with no negative side effects at all.

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