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Home workouts are fast becoming more popular amongst the busy groups in our society. Not only do they allow people the save time, due to not having to travel to and from the gym or leisure center every day, they also can help you save a significant amount of money. Although your gym membership may not seem expensive on a monthly basis, add up how much your paying over the course of a year, or even several years, and you're looking at a hefty investment. What if I told you that you can lose just as much (if not more) weight by doing specially crafted exercises at home and, more importantly, those exercises come at a tiny fraction of the cost of your yearly gym membership.

The problem is that the people working out at the gym, your personal trainer or even your friends won't let you know about it. The basis on which a gym survives is through their community atmosphere and supposedly more expensive, and more effective, machines. There are two problems with this. The first is that although some people go to the gym with a friend or a gym partner, just as many go to the gym alone and train alone, which essentially nullifies the benefits of being in a community. Secondly, more expensive machines are rarely any better than cheap machines or even no machines at all. For example, you'd find it difficult to give me one benefit of using the abs machine or the treadmill in the gym, over doing regular crunches and planks at home, or running outside.

How Do I Get Started With A Home Workout?
First, there is a copious amount of information on the internet to get you started with home workouts. There's a wide range of huge online forums that you can join for free to follow other people's workout plans and you can fit and tailor the workouts to the equipment you have at home (don't worry, there are many out there which use no equipment at all).
If you miss your personal trainer and really want some guidance from an experienced individual, then you can also pay a one time fee to get a professional pan to help you lose weight in the most efficient way. Although these plans aren't free, they are written, designed and published by notable members of the industry rather than a group of amateurs on the internet. There are reviews and ratings for these plans so you can double check how other people have done with it.
Choosing The Right Program
As with choosing anything else in life, you need to find the one plan that suits your personal preferences and your habits. There's simply no point enrolling on a program that requires 6 hours a day, every day, if you're in a career that requires you to work 9am to 5pm. I'm not arguing about the effectiveness of these programs as they probably work well, they're just simply not feasible for the average working individual.

Instead, our advice here is to always find a program that is much less time intensive but still with raving reviews confirming its validity and effectiveness. In fact, the time element of a workout plan hardly has an effect on how well it will work for you. You could easily spend several hours in the gym, taking it relatively easy, and not see the same results from someone who goes for half an hour and knows what he is doing. The trick is to work smarter rather than working harder. If you follow a well designed plan, you will hit exactly the right exercises, along with the right foods at the right time to optimize the results you get.

The Importance Of Diet Planning
The most effective workout plan in the world would be reduced to nothing if you have no control of your diet. Eating right and exercising go hand in hand, which is why you'll often see programs incorporating the two together in a way that they compliment rather than go against each other. What you eat directly impacts the processes of muscle growth, regeneration, fat burning and overall well-being. If you don't get enough protein in, then naturally, your muscles won't regenerate because there simply isn't enough protein building blocks available.

The age old wisdom that says that losing weight is 80% dieting and 20% exercising is generally true. If you're able to control what goes into your body, then, in theory, you should be able to control how much weight there is on your body.

A well formed diet plan also helps improve your overall metabolic rate. Although everybody is born with a natural metabolic rate that is either high, low or average, it can be modified by eating proper foods and doing proper exercises.

Which Program Do We Recommend?
There are literally hundreds of similar programs out there promising the world, but many of them are untested, or worse, tested and found to be ineffective. Although it's not a lot of money lost when you invest in the wrong program, it does waste a lot of your time that could have been better spent with a better plan.

As we mentioned above, we're huge fans of plans that put together both exercise routines and dieting plans. Different eating patterns work well with different types of workouts, and a exercise plan without any information in regards to what you should eat and when, does not fill us up with any confidence about its effectiveness.
With all these points in mind, we've went through a range of highly rated plans and written you an in depth review of the one we've found to be the most efficient and also the most effective. This weight loss program is called 6 Minutes To Skinny.
What Is 6 Minutes To Skinny
In this day and age, not everyone has the time or the patience to invest hours everyday to achieve their desired body. 6 Minutes To Skinny promises to need only 6 minutes everyday to get you where you want. But does it really work? We've put it to a test, gathered all the 6 Minutes To Skinny reviews and this is our verdict on it - feel free to make up your own mind after reading the article.

The foundation, on which the whole program is built, is the idea of metabolic cycling. By doing specific things at each stage of your metabolic cycle, you are able to induce a calorie burning state, throughout the whole day, without doing huge amounts of exercises or cutting down on all of your favourite foods.

Who Created Six Minutes to Skinny
The program was designed and developed by Craig Ballantyne who has made his name as a high profile fitness and weight loss coach, and has also devoted his career to developing and perfecting his fitness programs. With a science degree and a lot of practical experience in the field, he's very knowledgeable and well versed with the technicalities of losing weight.

For us, one of the main factors to consider before embarking on a fitness journey with a specific program, is credibility of the creator. Anyone can make up a random routine and promise you the moon, but the chance of these programs being even remotely successful or effective will be very low. Frankly, we trust Craig and his credentials, which is why we've chosen to review his product.

6 Minutes To Skinny Results
First Impression
Craig was kind enough to offer us a review copy of his product, and the very first thing we noticed was how small the files were. Being used to reviewing content heavy products full of filler and jargon words, it was a nice change to be able to get the plan straight away and dive into the program.

It's important to note that the length of the program is not always an indicator of its effectiveness. We find that the simple ones usually work the best, which is why we were excited to start testing this one out. Once you've made the decision to make your purchase, you'll get the program instantly with a quick introduction and explanation of why the idea works, followed by a step by step procedure.

The whole thing is easy to read and understand, and you'll probably be able to get through the material in well under an hour. For us, this is important because momentum is quickly lost when you have to go through hours of content before you can even get started. Momentum is the one thing that can easily motivate you to get past the first hurdle when trying to lose weight, which is actually to start a plan.

Putting It To The Test
To be totally honest with you, we were sceptical when we first started following the step by step guide. It was too simple. A few minutes doing some quick exercises and then another few minutes making a specially designed healthy shake. Regardless, we decided to follow through and try it out.

It was definitely easy to do compared to the other products we tested. 6 minutes every day really doesn't disrupt your routine at all, and it means you can carry out the rest of the day without any changes.

Remember that part where we said exercising and dieting should go hand in hand with each other? Six minutes to skinny is the model example of how you can use your time in the most efficient way possible to hit all the core aspects of losing weight at just the right times to see more progress than someone following an unorganized plan for an hour.

One of the most daunting ideas that deter people from intensive regimes is that they represent a huge lifestyle change. People will have to reschedule their daily routine to fit in a lot of exercise time, and replace tasty foods with healthy but frankly boring foods. This is definitely not the case with 6 Minutes To Skinny.

Did It Work?
It did! After a couple of weeks, all of us that tried it out, lost a significant amount of weight. We found that the effectiveness of the program really depended on how closely you follow the daily routine, and how often you do it. The fact that every one of us was able to lose at least some weight is a great indicator that the program works.

Those who tried it out ranged from 18-65 years old and consisted of both men and women.

Summary Of 6 Minutes To Skinny Reviews

It's easy to fit 6 minutes into your daily routine without disrupting your current schedule.
Incredibly simple, and requires only a little effort compared to other products.
Designed by a notable and credible fitness coach with the qualifications and credentials to back up this successful program.
100% success rate for those of us who gave it a try.
The files you get are small compared to other products, but that simply means the information is more condensed and you get to dive straight into the program without days of reading.
Many people go into the program with a negative mind frame because they are skeptical of how effective just 6 minutes a day can really be in helping you lose weight.
Our Verdict
In conclusion, we've had a great time testing and trying out the product. It was refreshing to review a product that was concise and to the point, and more refreshing to find a product that actually worked. It was so easy to do, that you almost forget you're losing weight until you look in the mirror or step on the scales. It's definitely worth a try if like us, you follow a busy schedule.

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