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For most women, cellulite is one of those things that can ruin many great moments - going to the swimming pool, visiting the beach etc. Women of all ages can fall prey to cellulite and if nothing is done about it, it could get worse with age. Of course there are some tips and tricks to reduce or even get rid of cellulite for good, and we'll get onto that later in the article.

What Is Cellulite
Cellulite usually show up on the thighs or on the bum. It is the bumpy and dimpled look associated with having a bit too much fat in those areas. Some women get it with only a little bit of fat, whereas others may be fine even with a lot of fat, it's all depends on your genetic predispositions.

Cellulite is mostly seen in women because the connective tissues between the skin and the fat forms a honeycomb shape, meaning the middle can bulge out if there's too much fat. For men, the connective tissues usually runs straight across, meaning the effects of having too much fat don't result in visible dimples.

Cellulite can appear on teenage girls as well as middle aged women, and can pop up at any time. The appearance of cellulite gets worse with age because the skin gets thinner and those honeycomb shaped tissues actually get thicker, resulting in a more pronounced appearance when you have cellulite.

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite
There is no miracle cure to this problem. It all boils down to losing weight through exercising and dieting, while also firming up the area through muscle building workouts. The trick is to replace the fatty tissues in your lower body with muscles, which don't bulge through connective tissue we told you about earlier.

Tip And Tricks
Drink Plenty Of Water
When your body is frequently dehydrated, it stores more fat because it doesn't know when the next time you'll decide to drink will be. Storing fat gives your body a backup plan when you don't put more water in, and allows you to survive longer. This is all well and good if water is in short supply, but most of the time it is actually freely available, we just choose not to drink it.

If you start introducing proper hydration all throughout the day, your body will realise that it no longer needs to store energy in fat cells, and therefore will make much less of it. You're letting your body know that it's not going to have to go too long without a fresh cup of water. This tip will give you the fastest results in terms of getting rid of cellulite, and within a day or two you should see a drastic change.

Cellulite Fighting Exercises
Exercising will do two things for your cellulite. Firstly, it will increase the blood flow to the area, instantly reducing the size of the dimples. Secondly, and most importantly, exercising will reduce the fat cells all over your body. Reducing the amount of fat you have in your thighs and bum is the only surefire way to get rid of cellulite.

Whilst it's been proven that spot reduction simply doesn't work, and you can't burn fat from just one area of your body, exercising just your thighs can help build muscle in the area, which in turn tones the area down and makes it firmer.

Any exercise will be good, but in particular, cardio work involving your legs will be especially effective. If you can fit in some running, jogging or swimming to your daily routine, you should see the fat reserves reduce and your cellulite much less visible.

Cellulite Fighting Diets
Eating a healthy, well balanced diet is not only good for reducing or getting rid of your cellulite, but it will also make you live longer. It's different for different people, but in the majority of cases, women with cellulite are actually at an unhealthy body mass index (BMI), and do need to lose weight.

As well as the exercising you're introducing into your routine, you can also follow a daily dieting plan to ensure you're getting all the healthy minerals and vitamins needed for your body to function correctly, but at the same time, replace all the unhealthy fats and components with healthy snacks.

There isn't a specific diet to target cellulite as such, but simply reducing fat is what will get rid of cellulite, and that's pretty much what dieting is all about. Pick one you think you can do, and see how it works out for you.

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