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Those of you who have never been pregnant may have the common misconception that becoming pregnant is incredibly fast and easy. In reality though, it can take a significant amount of time. Even if both you and your partner are healthy and fully fertile, it can take as long as a few months before conceiving. There are plenty of reasons why a couple may want to find ways to get pregnant faster. Maybe you want the baby to be born during a specific season, like summer or winter. Or maybe you're just meticulous in your planning, and have a strict schedule of how you want your next few years to pan out. Regardless of the reason, there are many natural ways to get pregnant faster and increase your odds of conception in a short span of time.

Know When You Ovulate
For your best chance of getting pregnant, you have to have sex during the first few days of your ovulation cycle. As you know, this window only arrives once a month, meaning that if you miss it then there's little chance of you getting pregnant before next month. To maximize your chances of getting pregnant quickly, you need to maximize the amount of sex you have during these few days. Ovulation can be unpredictable, so it helps to have sex as long as 2 weeks before the day you think your ovulation starts. It's worth remembering also that the window is only open before ovulation starts and not after.

Getting Healthy
It should go without saying that a healthy couple is much more likely to conceive quickly compared to an unhealthy couple. Being in a good shape is not just an aesthetic thing, it also results in all the areas of your body working better and functioning more smoothly. This includes your sexual organs, the sperm and the egg which of course are vital parts of getting pregnant. There are two main areas to work on if you want to improve your overall health. For ladies in particular, being overweight or underweight could result in much less predictable cycles every month. If the cycles are unpredictable, then how are you going to time your sex to the fertile window we mentioned earlier? Do yourself a favor, and work towards a healthy BMI to increase your odds of having a baby the first month of trying.

Eating Better
Those Chinese takeaways and frozen pizzas, while very tasty to prepare, are not doing you any favors when it comes to conceiving a baby. These kinds of foods represent an unhealthy balance in your diet, with too much non beneficial fats, salt and preservatives. Having a poor diet may result in you being deficient in various vitamins, resulting in a much lower chance of getting pregnant quickly. Without these vital vitamins, you'll see a sharp drop in your fertility, and ultimately, result in a much longer time to get pregnant. So what foods will give you all the vitamins and minerals you need? Fruits and vegetables are a great place to start. If you're used to simply eating greens, then try mixing it up with some red or yellow peppers, tomatoes and an assortment of other colored fruits and veg. The color of the fruits and vegetables represent different vitamins present in them. The best way of making sure you get all the vitamins you need for easy conception is to eat as many of those different colors as possible.

An alternative would be to get on the multi vitamin tablets. This may be a lot easier for you and your lifestyle, but it's always better to get everything from natural sources, and move to pills as a last resort.

Exercising More
The second part of getting healthy is exercising. We understand that not all of you have the time or the motivation to workout everyday, but if you're looking for natural ways to help you get pregnant, then there isn't a more effective tip we can give you. Exercising correctly will help you achieve that healthy BMI we mentioned above, but on top of that, it will also increase your blood flow, make your cardio vascular organs healthier and make you happier. Having a growing baby inside of you will take a toll on even the strongest of women, which is why you need to be in the best possible form when you conceive to keep you and your baby healthy through the whole 9 months. It's also worth noting that being in better shape increases your libido. This indirectly results in better sex, better sex will cause more sperm cells to be released during orgasm and more sperm cells will ultimately result in a bigger chance of you getting pregnant.

A simple half an hour taken out of every other morning to do a bit of jogging or some swimming is all it takes to drastically improve your health and fitness. If you're not used to exercising, then take it slowly to reduce the chance of injury, or over working your cardio vascular organs. The change you need to make might be as small as walking to work instead of driving. Exercising is generally a good habit to have, and pre-pregnancy could be the perfect time to get yourself in shape.

You've probably already detoxed before. You know the feeling when you drink too much alcohol, eat too much red meat or smoke too many cigarettes for a long period of time, you're always feeling tired and weak. This is because your body is having to work in overdrive to get rid of all the bad compounds in your body. Your liver is probably still working to get rid of all those alcohol units you consumed last Friday, even when you're shoveling red meat into your mouth that also needs to be detoxified by the liver. Detoxing before trying to conceive will help you get all the waste byproducts out of your body, reduce your body's work rate in keeping up with your lifestyle.

Detoxing is simple. Just lay off the alcohol for a month or two, and starting cutting out or reducing the unhealthy habits you currently have in your life. Not only will you feel a lot more energetic and healthier, but you're also cleaning out the environment in which your future baby is going to have to develop in for 9 months later on.

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