How To Get Rid Of
Cellulite On Stomach

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Cellulite in itself isn't a health risk to woman, but it's certainly something that most of us aim to get rid of to look and feel good. The most common areas where cellulite develops is in the lower half of the body, however, in some cases, excess fat in the stomach region can result in the familiar bumps and dimples we're all used to seeing on some women's legs and bum. One of the areas of the body that women are most self conscious about is the stomach, we all see the flat and toned stomachs of thin girls on the beach, and while that kind of body may or may not be a long stretch away for you personally, you can instantly make your stomach look a whole lot better by reducing the appearance of the cellulite.

The worst trait of cellulite is that it gets progressively more visible with age. Even if you stay at the same body fat level from 20 till 30, you will notice that the infamous bumps and dimples become much more noticeable, even though you're not actually putting on any weight. Largely down to your genetics, it's sometimes simply impossible to completely rid yourself of cellulite, but there are many natural and non-natural ways in which you can improve the appearance of it.

Abdominal Wraps
These abdominal wraps are a branch of newly developed products that wrap around your mid section and aid in improving the blood circulation around your stomach. The creams and ointments that you rub on before placing the wrap around your stomach will help cleanse the area under the skin of toxins and adipose cells. The sweat due to the non permeable wrap will also help you lose the water weight that often adds to the appearance of cellulite.

The wrap should be applied daily for about an hour while you exercise or do chores around the house. It represents an all inclusive package that gives you a temporary improvement in the area affected by the cellulite.

Avoid Certain Foods
After a period of living with cellulite, you'll come to understand that it gets worse when you eat particular foods. The same way that you'll feel and look bloated after certain foods, your cellulite can appear a lot worse too. Mainly, the foods to avoid before a day at the beach would be the starchy products such as white rice, potatoes and pretzels. On top of this, you should also avoid the overly greasy foods such as fried chicken, chips and burgers.

Vitamins C and E
Missing out on some of those vitamins could be a cause of worsening cellulite on your stomach. Some vitamins are vital for keeping your skin supple and tight. If your skin hangs loosely over your body, then it's much more likely that the cellulite will appear a lot worse than it should. Stock up on your vitamins C and E to make sure this isn't the case. You can get these vitamins from a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

For vitamin C, try eating a few more oranges and citrus fruits. For vitamin E, try bananas, broccoli and peppers. If you're unsure whether you're low on vitamins, it doesn't hurt to book a quick appointment with your doctors and get a blood test done to see what you're lacking in. It could be that you need to take some extra vitamin supplements to help boost the vitamins levels.

Vitamin A Creams
These creams are mostly used to help improve wrinkles, scars and pimples. Did you know that these vitamin A creams can also help make your skin firmer to protect against cellulite? You can apply these creams to your stomach daily, exfoliate the area and see your cellulite appearance reduce from the added circulation, and the tighter skin. Vitamin A also has anti oxidants in it, which will help your skin get rid of those toxins and waste products that can accumulate in the cells, therefore making the area look smoother.

Ab Workouts
Just the same way that cellulite on thighs and bums can be reduced by working out proper muscle groups. You can help attenuate the appearance of cellulite on your stomach by exercising your abs. This helps tone up your muscles, giving less space for the fat. Hopefully later on, you'll be able to reduce this excess fat, but for the time being, the connective tissues will be stronger, and your stomach will definitely appear less bumpy than before.

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