How To Lose Fat
On Your Legs

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Having a couple of well defined, toned and thin legs is a very desirable trait among women. For some people, losing weight on their legs is the main motivation, and who can blame them when it enables you to wear short skirts, skinny jeans and bikini bottoms without feeling bad about yourself. Summer is fast approaching, and if you're looking to get yourself a pair of these gorgeous legs, then we've got just the right tips to get you started.

No weight loss tips list can be complete without few words about motivation. Throughout the whole process, a lot of will power and determination is required in order to succeed. Motivation is a key factor that will determine whether you lose weight or not. There is a whole load of ways you can get yourself motivated to lose weight on your legs. The trick is to find out the root reason why you want to follow through with it, and never let that image get out of your head.

One way to do this is to print out pictures of what your ideal pair of legs would be, maybe of a celebrity or someone you know. Now remind yourself of this image a few times everyday, before your workout, or when you're feeling that your motivation is slipping. It's a great way to constantly remind yourself about your goals.

Rome wasn't built in a day, the same way your legs won't be sculpted in a day either. It's important to mentally prepare yourself before and during your dieting routine and realise how long it'll take before you see results. The question of exactly how long will largely depend on the program you're following, and how strictly you stick to the plan. As a general figure, give yourself at least 1 month to see results. Your body will be undergoing a large lifestyle change, and you need to give it time to adapt and change.

When deciding which exercises to do to lose leg fat, many women stick to doing cardio workouts that focus on the lower body parts. Anything that gets your heart pumping a bit faster will help you burn calories and fat all through your body. Some examples of these might be swimming, running or using the stepper machine. These are all great for losing weight and toning your muscles up, but our advice would be to throw in a few leg muscle building exercises. Not only will your legs appear more defined, with muscle building exercises, but the extra muscle mass will result in your body burning more fat passively over the course of a day.

These exercises include but aren't limited to squatting, lunges and wall sits. All of these can be done without any weight or other equipment, meaning you'll be able to carry them out in the comforts of your own home, whenever you want. Make sure you understand that there are several different muscles making up your leg, and for maximum effectiveness, you should have a routine that works all of these areas. Which leads us smoothly to our next tip.

Once again preparation is key, and picking out or creating a good routine schedule will make your life a whole lot easier. The best routine will vary from person to person, some women, who don't have much spare time during the day, may want to be able to fit in a short 20 minute work out in the mornings or after work, with a more extensive one during the weekends.

Pick the right routine for yourself and your schedule, and you''ll find sticking to it a much easier task.

If you have 20 minutes a day, we recommend alternating the following routines, and then taking one rest day every week.

20 minute run, swim, biking or jump
Leg squats, lunges and wall sits

Having rest days is important, because this is the time when your muscles are built. Without taking rest days, you're not only more prone to injuries, but will also see a lot of your efforts wasted.

Final Words
If you follow all of these tips, and keep working out then I'm 100% sure you can improve the look of your legs, as well as your general health. When summer time comes around, you'll be able to go to the beach and flaunt them around in full confidence that you're looking great.

Lastly, because it is going to take time and a lot of effort, before attempting a routine, make sure it's one that you honestly think you can stick to, if it's not, then change it up and mix it around to make it suit your lifestyle personally.

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