How To Prevent 
A Yeast Infection

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The majority of cases in which a woman develops a yeast infection are actually not directly explainable. There is a whole range of reasons why your body might suddenly create an environment that is more susceptible to yeast growth. Knowing the common reasons why yeast infection happens will put you in a better position to avoid it, but it won't 100% protect you from it. It's true that genetics play a huge part as to who gets it and who doesn't, but your lifestyle habits, drugs you take and any medical conditions you might currently be suffering from all play an equally big part.

Your Underwear

Make sure the underwear you wear is relatively airy and allows your private parts to "breathe". Having restricting and non-permeable underwear can result in the area being more moist and much warmer than it needs to be. Moisture and warmth are both key ingredients needed for yeast to over grow. In particular, avoid panty liners.

Your Pants Or Trousers

The guidelines and suggestions we mentioned for underwear are the same as for your pants. Try to wear loose fitting pants, shorts or dresses to keep the area from getting too moist and warm. Tight jeans should be avoided at all cost if you want to minimize your chance of yeast infections.

Avoid Damp Clothes

If you're used to swimming every other day, or if you live in an area where it rains a lot, then you'll be used to being in wet clothes when you're out and about. Wearing damp clothes for a long time can trap all the moisture on your body and therefore, making a better environment for yeast to grow. If you can't help getting your clothes wet, then aim to change into dry clothes as soon as possible. Simply bring a dry set of clothes next time you go swimming, go to the gym or next time you have to walk to work in the rain.

Avoid Some Feminine Products

Try to refrain from using feminine products such as scented sprays, douches or scented tampons. Although these might make you feel and appear fresher, they also contain chemicals which can cause the imbalance in your vagina that is needed for yeast to thrive. Many of these products will actually kill off the bacteria needed to control the amount of yeast in the area, and some other products will cause the environment to be more acidic than normal.

Front To Back

Your mother probably used to tell you this, but always remember to wipe from front to back every time you use the toilet. Wiping the other way around will put you at more risk of spreading the bacteria from the anus to the genitalia. This can be the cause of Candidiasis directly, or indirectly result in the bacteria and fungi imbalance of the area.

Candida Diets

If you're really worried about developing a yeast infection, or you want to sort out your recurring yeast problem, then it may be time to start looking at your diet, and altering it to help prevent Candidiasis. Reducing the sugar content of your meals, and increasing healthy and natural foods that will both flush your system of toxins, and help fight fungi with their anti fungal properties will help drastically reduce the chance of a yeast overgrowth.

Yogurts, herbs and non starchy vegetables should be encouraged. Alcohol, sugars, starchy vegetables and processed meats should all be avoided to restrict the amount of sugar in your body. Restricting the sugar in your body, will reduce the yeast overgrowth. Generally, a Candida diet is synonymous with a healthy and balanced diet minus a few small changes. If you are used to eating poorly, then this could be a good time to make the change.

Avoid Stress

Stress, along with a wide range of other mental issues, can cause disorders that affect your hormonal levels, your vagina's acidity and other physical changes. If you do find that you're stressed out from work or from other aspects of life, it's important that you try to fix the problem as soon as possible. A high level of stress, while seemingly unimportant, can develop into life threatening problems if left unchecked.

Final Words
As a general rule of thumb, as long as you're in a healthy and fit state both mentally and physically, you shouldn't need to make much more changes to reduce your chance of yeast infections. Being healthy means your immune system should be strong too, this will help your own body fight against the spreading of yeast without you even needing to interfere.

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