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Metabolism is a word that is frequently thrown around by fitness coaches and specialists. While most people have some general idea about it, only some of you know exactly what it is. Why is it important to know how to speed up metabolism? Because speeding up your metabolism is the key to losing weight effectively and efficiently. Knowing what helps increase your body's rate of metabolism will enable you to burn more calories during an average day, resulting in a better chance of losing weight.

What Is Metabolism
Your metabolism is defined as a set of chemical reactions that allow your body to function properly. Metabolism also determines the lowest amount of calories your body burns during a day to maintain normal bodily functions. When you eat, the food needs to be broken down into smaller more usable components that form the building blocks required by tissues in your body. This process of digesting the food and breaking it down requires energy. Some foods require more effort and energy from your body to be broken down, meaning eating them will result in more calories burnt digesting them.

There are actually two metabolic categories that all processes can be divided up into. The first is catabolic metabolism, which describes the process of breaking food molecules down into smaller pieces which helps to release energy required for specific chemical reactions in your body such as respiration.

The second type is anabolic metabolism which uses up energy building larger components needed for repairing tissues, production of insulin etc.

Metabolic Cycling Diet
Metabolic cycling is the process of shocking your body using a range of exercises and activities you're not used to, in order to trigger effective and healthy weight loss. The process actually requires you to do specific things in a certain order to maximise the increase in your metabolic rate. The best thing is that you'll be able to increase the amount of calories you burn without doing any exercise or eating any differently.

For most people one of the hardest aspects of dieting is having the willpower to cut back on some of the foods they enjoy the most. By following a metabolic cycling diet and exercise regime, you'll be able to increase your chance of hitting the calorie deficit needed for weight loss, without hardly any effort put in.

Metabolic Cycling: 6 Minutes To Skinny
One of the more successful products on the market promoting and guiding you through the introduction of metabolic cycling into your daily routine is Six Minutes To Skinny.

The metabolic cycling diet and training program claims that you need just 6 minutes everyday to put your body in this extra calorie burning state for the rest of your day. Even if you're already on an exercising and dieting program, it still makes sense to try to incorporate the 6 minute plan to maximise the amount of calories burnt during the day and to increase the rate at which results can be observed.

The beauty of this type of regime is that you don't need to spend hours planning your meals or exercising on the treadmill - the metabolic cycling meal plan is very simple and the exercise program is even simpler. You can go about the rest of your day as you normally would and see the results on your waistline.

Other Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism
A lot of people are stuck with a naturally slow metabolism, and this is also one of the most common excuses as to why they can't lose weight. Speeding up your metabolism isn't hard, but it does require some effort to make sure your body is in overdrive and burning calories.

Aerobic Exercise
It's no secret that exercising is one of the two most important requirements of weight loss. You burn a lot of calories while doing aerobic exercises, but many people don't know that you continue to burn much more calories later in the day because it aerobic exercises help to speed up your metabolism.

Be More Active
A slow metabolism is usually a result of little with little to no activity during the day. Especially prevalent in 9-5 office workers, many people find that the only activity they get during the day is the short walk in and out of work. All the other times, they're either sitting in front of the computer or television, or lying down on the couch or the bed.

Making a conscious effort to be a bit more active during the day could make a huge impact on the speed of your metabolism. A simple decision to take the stairs instead of taking the escalator could help tip you over the edge of the calorie deficit required for losing weight. Another option is to take a walk during your lunch break. These activities don't need to be intense, simple and easy ones are usually the most effective, and also the most effortless.

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