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motivation TO LOSE WEIGHT

When it comes to losing weight, one of the biggest hurdles is getting and keeping the impulse to look better and be healthier. Someone with a strong motivation to lose weight is in a much better position compared to someone with little to no motivation. Everyone has different reasons and ideas on how to get motivated to lose weight, but whatever it is, it's vital that you remember why you started, and consistently remind yourself about it all through the process.

Some would argue that the motivation to lose weight is more important than things like the diet plan you've opted for, or the exercise regime that you've chosen. More often than not, it is the ability to keep working at a certain plan that governs the success of it, rather than the specific plan itself. Having said that, following a better plan will mean less work in the long run, and much less chance of being de-motivated halfway through the program due to lack of progress.

We've listed our top 6 tips to help you get motivated to lose weight. Even if you feel full of motivation right now, you never know when that motivation will dwindle. We recommend you read through our suggestions regardless and keep them at the back of your mind, you never know when it might come in handy.

6 Tips To Develop Motivation To Lose Weight
Take It Easy

While this advice might sound contradictory to everything else you've heard, you have a much lower chance of achieving your goals when you put too much pressure on yourself. If you wake up every morning with the dread of having to carry out the daily chores of keeping fit, then you're simply not doing it right. The people that know how to stay motivated to lose weight are usually the people that wake up evveryday and actually look forward to the plan they've set ahead.

By not trying as hard as normal, you're relieving yourself of the usual pressure you have when trying to lose weight. This burden lifted off your shoulders can sometimes be all you need to be able to successfully follow through with the plan you have chosen.

Get Motivated In Other Areas Of Life
Humans are creatures of habit, and if you're used to sticking to a tight schedule, with a consistent routine, then you'll find that it's easier to develop other habits in your life (such as a fitness schedule). It's proven that people who are able to keep promises better, usually perform better when it comes to trying to lose weight. The difference is this time you're making promises to yourself.

Keeping on top of the other important things in your life such as work, relationship with your family and your financial state will keep your mind free from worrying, and more focused on achieving the goals you've set yourself.

Don't Be Too Ambitious
It's way too easy for women to be caught up with the body shapes and figures of the newest top model, but it's usually not a good idea to aim to achieve such body image. Usually these super skinny models will have to work out every day and constantly be on the strictest diets to maintain what they have, and for any other women, this is simply not possible.

It's a myth that pinning up posters of your ideal celebrity is a good way to motivate yourself to achieve a similar body, but in reality, all it does is demotivate you in the long run, making you unhappy with any progress you've made, and therefore less motivated to carry on with what you're doing. Aiming high is great, but there's always a limit to how high you should aim.

Have A Plan
Possibly one of the most important aspects of keeping your motivation up during a weight loss regime is to have a good plan in the first place. Knowing what you need to do day after day can help you mentally prepare for what you have to do. This preparation allows you to focus on getting the job done every day, rather than messing around, resulting in hard work that doesn't pay off as well as it should.

Another benefit of having a plan is that it can help you keep track of the progress you're making. Being able to see how far you've come in comparison to how long it's taken you will allow you to see whether you're on track for hitting your weight goals by the deadline you've set yourself.

Have Milestones
Whether you're trying to lose weight, or improve your general wellbeing, it's important to set targets for certain dates. This will let you know whether you're on track for having the body you want, or if you need to work a bit harder to achieve it. As we mentioned above, don't set these milestones too high. You want the goals to be set at a level just higher than what you think you can achieve, but not so high that reaching the goal is simply unattainable.

Fitness Buddy
Having a partner to tackle your fitness battle can be a major boost to your motivation. Someone that understands all the problems you are facing and recognises all the hard work you're putting in everyday, can be the difference between losing weight and failing to lose weight.

A fitness buddy will push you to do that extra kilometer or that extra set on the weights that you would never have done if they weren't around. It is that extra effort that will help you burn more calories, improve your strength and endurance and make bigger progress, so it's definitely beneficial to have someone there to motivate you. Healthy competition between you and your buddy can also help push both of you to new heights. It's best to find a training buddy that is roughly around the same level of fitness as you, that way, you'll be using the same weights, running similar distances and growing alongside each other.

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