Natural Cures For
Yeast Infection

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When it comes to cures for ailments, one of the most widely asked questions is "is there a natural cure for it?". In this day and age, natural treatments have become synonymous with the most healthy treatments. Shoveling all those artificially made drugs and medicine into your body can't be healthy in the long run, but a cure that is based on leaves, herbs and naturally occurring materials is usually a more sustainable treatment.

Yeast infection will affect a large majority of women at least once in their lifetimes. For half of the female population, it will occur 2 or more times. Whether you currently have a yeast overgrowth problem or not, it's still good to brush up on the natural cures for yeast infection.

Holistic Natural Yeast Infection Cure
One of the healthiest and most effective natural treatments for yeast infection is through the holistic approach. This treatment method looks at re-balancing the imbalances within your body so that everything is functioning in the right kind of environment. Even a small imbalance can bring on a range of problems to your body and your mind, and many people find that getting everything balanced again solves a lot of problems that they didn't even know they had.

One of the problems that can be solved through proper maintenance of your body levels is yeast infections. Not only will it cure the problem quickly, but it will also act as a permanent solution, making yeast infections much less likely to reoccur. There are three imbalances that could cause the development of a yeast infection:

Imbalance of hormones
Imbalance of the pH in the affected area
Imbalance of the bacteria to yeast ratio in the affected area
Imbalance of hormones can be a result of increased stress levels, mental or emotional trauma, pregnancy or even the use of medication. This imbalance can set off a chain reaction that can affect the amount of good bacteria in your vagina, or the pH level of the vagina, both of which will directly impact how well a yeast can grow in the environment.

Imbalance of the pH levels in the affected area can help encourage yeast growth. The natural and healthy pH level of the body should be around the 4.5 pH mark, however a slightly more alkaline level could promote the reproduction of yeast, and therefore yeast infection.

Bacteria plays a key role in your body, not only to digest the foods you eat, but also to regulate the amount of yeast. Having too little bacteria in your body can result in the yeast becoming uncontrollable, which will cause the yeast infection you hate so much.

How To Re-Balance Your Body
The first and foremost method of re-balancing your body is through your diet. Your diet has a direct impact on the overall balance of your body which is why a diet change should be the first plan of attack when trying to permanently solve your yeast problem.

Some foods offer anti fungal properties that will help reduce the favorable factors in an environment for yeast to prosper. Other foods can actually encourage yeast growth, and therefore should be reduced or removed from the meal plans. The main culprit of yeast inducing diets is sugar. If you're looking to cure your yeast infection, then the first thing you should change about your diet is reduce your overall sugar intake. Yeast needs sugar for energy to reproduce, without it, the fungal colony will die off. A lot of foods you eat will contain traces of sugar, however there are some types of foods that contain a lot of it. Try to avoid starchy foods, fruits and high sugar content drinks.

Introduce some probiotic foods into your diet to help rebalance the bacteria to yeast ratio. Yogurts are great for this but you'll find that miso soup, dark chocolate and a lot of other foods also contain these healthy bacterias. Balancing the amount of bacteria and yeast you have in your body will hopefully reduce the amount of yeast in your body back to trace amounts.

There are some foods with anti fungal properties, and these are the foods you need to add more of into your current meal plans. Garlic, for example, will give your body the weapons it needs to fight off fungal infections. Some types of herbs are also good for this.

To re-balance the pH levels of the affected area, you can drink cranberry juice which will help lower your pH levels to one that is less desirable for yeast. A more direct approach that people have found to work is to wash the affected area with a mild and diluted acidic solution. Apple cider vinegar is great for this. It's not concentrated enough to harm your body, but it is strong enough to tip the pH balance back to a healthy level. To make use of apple cider vinegar on a vaginal yeast infection, simply wash the affected area with the vinegar in a douche gently but thoroughly. You'll find that it should instantly help alleviate some of the more irritating symptoms right away.

Final Words
Making these small changes to your diet can drastically improve your situation. A candida diet will help to both cure and prevent a candida outbreak. Preventative solutions are always preferred to recovery solutions, which is why you should seriously think about balancing your body rather than buying drugs and medicine to fix the problem.

A candida diet is generally a healthy diet with some small alterations. Once the yeast problem is gone, you can start introducing foods with the required compounds to stay healthy. Dairy products for example should be avoided when you have yeast infection due to the high amounts of lactose. Dairy products however, should be a crucial part of your diet. The majority of your calcium intake is through dairy products, which is why they should be slowly re-introduced to your meal plans later on.

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