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One of the most stressful and straining things a couple could go through is finding out their chances of having a baby are slim. For a lot of women, having a complete family, with a loving husband and healthy children is one of the top things on their life's wish list, and finding out that the probability of having your own children is low can be absolutely devastating.

There are different levels of infertility. Some couples may find out from the doctor that the chances of them having their own baby are close to zero without rigorous amounts of fertility treatments or even surgery. For others, the infertility may be a temporary thing, and the solution may simply be to make some small lifestyle changes in order to increase your chances of becoming parents.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant
If you've seen the doctor and you fall in the second category of couples that find it hard to have a baby, then the good news is that the solution is generally an easy one. We've listed 5 different lifestyle habits for you and your other half to try out whether or not you'r having fertility problems. Not only will these 5 habits increase your chances of conceiving, it will also help ensure your baby has the best environment in which it can grow and be nurtured in your womb.

Get Into An Exercise Regime
Whether you'r a male or a female in this relationship, making sure you'r in a good shape physically will better your chances of having a baby. Women who carry a bit too much weight are more likely to miss or have irregular ovulation cycles which can drastically reduce your chances of being pregnant. So being overweight can be a reason for your infertility, but on the other side of the spectrum, being underweight also poses similar problems. A woman who is underweight is also more likely to miss out on some ovulation cycles because certain hormones, necessary for the menstrual cycle to happen, aren't being produced in the quantity that is needed. On top of this, if you do get pregnant while you're underweight, there is more chance that your baby could be under developed, or have problems later on in life.

Stick to an exercise regime and try to aim to be at a healthy BMI (body mass index) for a better chance at giving birth to a healthy baby.

Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet
To complement your new exercise regime, you should also consider eating a healthier, more balanced diet. Your body can only do what it can with the foods you eat, and if you're eating unhealthily, then there are more chances that your body won't be able to produce certain chemicals or hormones and that can possibly inhibit your fertility.

This period of your life may be an incredibly stressful one. It's important to keep your mind as well as your body healthy when trying to conceive. Being stressed out can do some funny things to the chemical balance in your brain and your body, making it harder for fertilization in your body to happen. Pressure and stress can also make it much more difficult for the couple to become intimate, making it much less enjoyable and straining the relationship further.

There are plenty of ways to de-stress, the two most tried and tested methods being yoga and meditation. Scheduling 20-30 minutes of "me" time every so often will help you cope with any stress and worries you may have.

Know When You Are Most Fertile
By knowing at which point of your cycle you are most fertile, and timing your intimacy sessions to that period, you'll be able to give yourself the best chance of having a baby in your current state. All women of child bearing age will have a fertile window that can be tested for using an ovulation kit found in most pharmacies.

It's worth noting that if these schedules are kept too strictly, it can make the whole process much more stressful for you and your partner. Therefore, it's worth knowing when the best time to have sex is, but also be intimate at other times to keep the relationship between you two healthy.

Bad Habits
Last but not least, it's vitally important that you understand which lifestyle choices aside from exercising and eating may be reducing your chances of getting a baby. Among the bad habits, smoking and drinking alcohol to excess are probably the worst, and if you do either of them, then it's worth stopping, at least during this period in your life.

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