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Although the majority of couples will have no problem conceiving a baby and starting a family of their own, with no additional help, a substantial amount of couples struggle with fertility. Whether it's down to some specific lifestyle habits that need addressing, or maybe permanent infertility is the cause, it's important to know what the problem is before making any decisions. You could go to the doctor to have an array of tests and examinations done on your reproductive organs (something we strongly recommend), but the subject of fertility goes beyond anything the doctors can tell you, and there are many alternative methods to help you, as a couple, become more fertile.

Most of the time, when couples go to the doctor to get tested for infertility issues, the results will remain inconclusive. This is both good and bad. It's good because tests haven't shown that you are 100% infertile, and if you act smart everything should be in order giving your baby the perfect condition to be conceived. On the other side however, it can be a massive headache in terms of finding the reason why you're not conceiving. At this point, the couple in question would be at a bit of a dead-end, the doctor's advice would probably be to keep trying and trying, but after months or years of trying, it's probably time to do some research by yourself, test new methods and hopefully solve your infertility problem on your own.

There is a wide range range of alternative methods out there used to treat infertility issues that you as a couple may be suffering from, but doing research and learning about each individual method can be time consuming and emotionally draining. Which methods work and which don't? If you're looking to get pregnant fast, then these aren't the questions you want to be working out yourself.

Pregnancy Miracle Method
This is where Lisa Olson's "Pregnancy Miracle" comes in. Written by an author who has been in exactly the same shoes as the couple described above. Lisa's book offers something that the objective doctor cannot, and that's the insight of someone who has been there, done all the research, and most importantly, successfully became pregnant with two happy and healthy children. You could do all the same hard work and research as Lisa, but there really is no need when she offers all the information for an affordable price. When we say all the information, we really mean it - "Pregnancy Miracle" consists of 290 pages describing the 5 step plan to beating infertility.

Admittedly, there is a lot of hype surrounding the book all across the Internet, but we've tried our best to review the eBook objectively away from the influences of the other reviews, stripping it down to what it really is and see whether it's something worth paying for.

What's In The Book?
"Pregnancy Miracle" is a well structured book with all the guidance needed for you to follow in the author's footsteps of going from infertile to having two children of her own. It's a good halfway point between a well researched paper on fertility, and a mother's documentation of her struggle to become pregnant. In other words, it's factual with a ton of research laid out in an easily digestible way, but written in a format that's motivational and relatable.

Below you can see a breakdown of the different chapters in the book - we don't want to give away too much information otherwise you'll have nothing to look forward to when you read the book. However, it should give you an idea as to how extensive the book is in terms of information needed to beat infertility.

Who Is Lisa Olson?
The author of the book, Lisa Olson, isn't a scientist, she doesn't have a degree in fertility studies and isn't a doctor. What she is though, is a mother who had to walk through the same hard journey that you're facing right now to get pregnant. This part of your life can be a very tough one, and it's nice to have someone like Lisa there who has written this book with the experience and the knowledge she has gained from her own experiences. If nothing else, this book will make you feel good, knowing that someone, who has been in the same position as you, has successfully been able to conceive.

Instead of giving up on the first hurdle, when the doctors concluded that the infertility was unexplained from the tests they did on Lisa, she instead took a proactive approach in trying all the different methods available on the market, and getting to a point where she was able to maximize her chances of getting pregnant. She has since conceived and given birth to her two children using the methods and techniques documented in the book. If her successfully conceiving after years of trying isn't enough of a testimonial to her methods, then we're not sure what is.

Chapter One

The first chapter of this book gives you a crash course of the human anatomy and how infertility can sometimes be caused by certain internal factors. It gives you a good idea of how infertility can be affected by things like hormones, menstrual cycle and genes, as well as giving you a refresher course on how babies are conceived.

Chapter Two

Leading on from the first chapter, chapter number two gives you the basic understanding of infertility. It'll answer questions you may have regarding the cause of infertility, the signs you should look out for and also different ways you can determine your own fertility or infertility reason.

Chapter Three

If you've been unable to conceive for a while and suspect infertility from the test and examinations done by your doctor, you've probably already looked at alternative methods for solving your problem. A lot of couples have turned to eastern methods or Chinese medicine to help them become fertile again. Chapter three compares the different aspects of western and eastern views on fertility and infertility. There are pros and cons of both sides, and it's worth learning more about them before deciding on what's best for you personally.

This chapter goes into all sorts of fertility related ideas within Chinese medicine such as life force "Qi", and also how each individual organ in your body, such as your heart, kidneys and liver, all have a part to play in fertility.

Chapter Four

Possibly the most important chapter for most of you. This one guides you through Lisa's 5 step plan to getting pregnant naturally. Don't be fooled into thinking these are basic tips freely available on the Internet, the author details all her recommendations for eastern medicine, nurturing organs, vitamins and minerals and a whole lot more to give you the best chance of conceiving.

Chapter Five

To compliment the 5 step guide found in chapter four, this chapter helps you learn how to read the signals your own body is sending you. Knowing your own body is necessary skill when it comes to battling infertility. Knowing when ovulation starts, and charting your cycle are just two parts included in this chapter.

Chapter Six

The sixth and final chapter discusses many special conditions and disorders that may be playing a part in your infertility. The reasons for infertility can differ greatly between one couple and another. Previous problems, age and health issues can all play a part in causing someone to be infertile, and this is explained in a lot more detail way in the book.

Pregnancy Miracle Review
So what do we think of the eBook? Let's be totally honest here. The title is a bit misleading considering it's not a miracle that Lisa got pregnant, rather it was her hard work and determination that paid off. There's nothing in the book that suggests she has a miracle method for getting pregnant. On the other hand however, if we can stay away from the use of the word "miracle" in the title, it's actually a very informative and motivational book for people going through the same problems as Lisa was.

Although the author hasn't created a miracle cure, she has developed a 5 step plan that is backed by science, putting you in the best possible shape for conceiving a baby. There's no doubt that a lot of work and research has gone into making this plan, and the information within the book is much more complete than anything else found on the Internet.

The book really does cover the whole spectrum of fertility and infertility, giving you the support and knowledge needed to self diagnose and determine the reasons why you're not currently able to conceive. It's no secret that Lisa is a fan of eastern medicine, dedicating a whole chapter to the different methods used by Chinese medicine practitioners to tackle infertility.

Pros And Cons
As always, we've summarised the pros and cons of this product to allow you to make your own informed judgment on whether this is the right pregnancy eBook for you.


Written by someone who has been there and fully understands what you're going through. She may not be qualified in the area with certificates and training, but what she lacks in that area, she makes up for in relatability and the copious amounts of research she has done.
The information in this book is very comprehensive. There is 290 pages consisting of 6 chapters all on infertility, and solving your problem.
Well structure information, making it easy to read and not over bearing.
Lisa offers a 60 day money back guarantee if you come to the conclusion that "Pregnancy Miracle" isn't for you.

Although the information is comprehensive, it does mean that you'll need to go through the 290 pages. There are sections you can skip if you're not interested in the mechanics of certain methods which can shorten the page length.
Not written by a professional, but by an individual who has experienced infertility. This may or may not put you off, but rest assured the information in this book is scientifically backed and valid.
The Verdict
Our verdict is that although you won't find a miracle cure for your infertility in this book, you will find a whole load of information needed for you to tackle infertility yourself. Every couple's reason for not being able to conceive is different, which is why it's important for you to gain a good understanding of what solutions you should use to tackle which signs and symptoms.

Although disappointingly there isn't a miracle cure, simply the amount of information provided in this book, perfectly tailored to the infertile couples, is humbling. Lisa Olson really has looked into a huge range of alternative treatments that has helped her on the quest for a baby.

There are also downsides. For the 5 step plan to work, you really do need to be committed to making changes to accommodate a lifestyle that is more likely to induce conception of a child. It requires hard work and commitment, remembering which vitamins to take, booking yourself into acupuncture sessions and balancing your body mind and spirit.

In conclusion, if you do find yourself in the position that Lisa was at, then we'd strongly recommend reading the book. You'll probably be able to get some of the information on the Internet by doing research yourself, but this'll take you a lot of time compared to just learning from someone who has already been there. The fact that there's all this information collated together in one easy to read book makes this a worthwhile purchase. If you think you don't need the information, then even just reading through the author's story can help motivate you and encourage you to take a proactive approach to conception. There really is only so much a doctor can do for you, the rest is down to you trying different methods.

The book is currently available at a discounted one off price of $47 straight from Lisa Olson's site. With the 2 month money back guarantee she is currently offering, this is a risk free purchase, and one that we strongly recommend.

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