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For those of you cellulite suffers that haven't heard of it before, "The Naked Beauty/Symulast Method" is another name for the "Truth About Cellulite" product we reviewed on our site. The program has been specifically developed by health and fitness professional, Joey Atlas. If you read the review, you'll know that we're strong fans of the program. Not only does it have an abundance of information and exercises needed to tackle cellulite, but it's also presented in such a way that makes the course absolutely effortless.

Who Is Joey Atlas
Joey is the author and developer of the Symulast Method. He has put all the experience and knowledge gathered through many years in the industry into this program to help women all over the world overcome the annoying problem of cellulite. Having spent one and a half decades with women of all ages and all sizes to help reduce their fatty and bumpy thighs and bums, he really is someone who knows what he's doing. If you're looking for a program written by someone with the credentials and the experience to back up the claims then look no further.

What Are The Symulast Exercises
The Joey Atlas Symulast Exercises comprise of 8 different routines that will take about 15 minutes in total to complete. They are all aimed at tackling the build up of cellulite in the most common areas where it develops. The exercises are specially designed to strengthen up the muscles, making the area smoother and firmer, and at the same time, burning calories and getting your blood circulating better.

Obviously we can't actually tell you the exercises in this article due to copyright issues, but we can tell you that all the exercises revolve around working the lower half of your body, including your hips, quadriceps and bums. When you choose to follow Joey's exercises, you'll find that he's written everything down in a book with accompanying images to make all the material as easy to understand as possible. On top of this, he's also included a couple of videos walking you through the whole routine. As we mentioned above, he has made it as easy as possible for you to follow. The only thing you need to do is actually follow the routine.

What we liked in particular about the Symulast Exercise is that Joe gives you advice and suggestions to modify the exercise program to suite your personal fitness level. Joey respects and understands that not all of the women following his program will have the same amount of muscle and strength. By allowing a variation in the intensity of his exercises, he can ensure that all the women following the program will be able to push themselves further if they find the exercises too early, and also not be de-motivated if they find the exercises too hard to finish.

What We Think Of The Symulast Exercises
To give you a proper review of the exercises included in the program without actually telling you the exercises, we've had to conduct a quick test run in our office to see how we all fair with it. What we found was that they're not easy exercises. After completing one of those routines, you really do feel like you've had a big workout in 15 minutes. Although it was really difficult to complete at the start of the 3 weeks, after the first 3 or 4 run throughs of the 8 different exercises our muscles started adapting to this extra work load and it got a lot easier. By the end of the program, we were all able to perform the routine multiple times in every session.

The Bonus Home Workout Exercises
On top of the official routine for getting rid of cellulite on the lower half of your body, Joey has also thrown in a couple of other exercises to help work your abs and your arms. Most women looking to get rid of excess fat on their legs (that is causing cellulite), are also looking to get rid of excess fat on their stomach and on their arms. By throwing these two routines (both of them are under 10 minutes each), you've transformed the exercise program from one that focuses on just the legs, to one that works nearly the whole body. Both of these routines are in video format, so you can follow on and workout alongside joey's demonstrations.

The Cardio Workouts
The 3 cardio workouts that Joey has included are all designed specifically to fight cellulite. Cardio vascular exercises are great if you want to lose fat all around your body, but for this scenario in particular, it's perfect because it also works on building and toning the muscles in your legs and strengthening the connective tissues between your skin and your fat. The three cardio workouts he has described in this section can be done both at home or outdoors. One of them needs a treadmill, but he also gives an alternative for doing the exercise outside which is good for anyone without their own treadmill or gym membership. He goes into great detail as to how you should and shouldn't carry out these exercises, and once again allows you to vary the intensity of the exercises, either through doing more repetitions of it, or making the exercise harder and more intense.

All three cardio workouts will require about 18 minutes, and it's good to mix them up a bit to keep your body on edge. You could easily rotate the routine you do every week and see which one you like best.

Final Words
There is enough information and workout routines in this program to qualify for a full body workout, however there is special emphasis on targeting the areas on your body most likely to be affected by cellulite. Joey has done an awesome job with the design of the workout, and the precise scheduling book, that is laid out in an easy-to-read way, really helps clarify exactly what you need to do on which day. For the symulast exercises in particular, we liked the fact that we can vary the intensity of each exercise and routine to suit our personal needs. It doesn't make sense for someone who is naturally fit to do an easy exercise and vice versa.

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